About Us

FOOTYKIDS is a football facility that offers and provide football academy, football classes & coaching, and also organize football competition/league. At Footykids, we create chances and opportunity for all kids who have may experience or never a play football game, to give a try and improve themselves through training, classes, and competition and ensure them to love and enjoy play the beautiful game.

For the academy and football classes, Footykids coaches are well experienced in all aspect of football. These certified coaches are also recognized by Football Association Malaysia (FAM) and graduated from sport science studies and management.

And for the football competition & league. We are already operating FOOTYKIDS LEAGUE and we create this as to help other academy to have a great and competitive competition/league and give platform to the players to become better player, more playing time and experience and also improve themselves in all aspect in football.

You can contact our admin or whatsapp to +601110378207

You can contact our admin or whatsapp to +601110378207

All product transactions are done by whatsapp. Just click on the "BUY NOW" button on the product and you will be redirect to whatsapp.